Taiwan Owls Stamp Issue of 2012

Released June 6, 2012 this attractive four stamp set features native Taiwan owls. The stamps are intaglio printed in sheets of 20, in two colors on phosphorescent paper. Also available are first day covers and maxim cards.

Owls of Taiwan 2012
Owls of Taiwan 2012

About the Stamp Images

Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus): A medium sized owl with characteristic tufted ears. Found in open spaces such as grasslands, meadows and marshes on all continents except Antarctica and Austrlia where it feeds primarily on small rodents. Other common names include Catfaced Owl, Evening Owl, Meadow Owl and Flat-faced Owl.

Mountain Scops Owl(Otus spilocephalus): A small owl with a yellowish brown face, prominent ear-tufts, and prominent milk white circles on its neck. Widespread throughout Asia it prefers forested habitats. Also sometimes called the Spotted Scops Owl.

Brown Wood Owl(Strix leptogrammica): A medium-large owl with brown plumage and a white neckband. Found in south Asia, ranging from India and Sri Lanka in the east to Indonesia and south China in the west. It lives at the edge of woodlands or in the glades of mixed forests where it feeds on small mammals, birds and reptiles.

Brown Hawk Owl(Ninox scutulata): A small-medium owl that appears hawk-like due to its long tail and lack of ear tufts or facial disk. It has a round head and lacks both ear-tufts and prominent facial disc. Found in south Asia, ranging from India and Sri Lanka in the east to Indonesia and south China in the west. Its population in Taiwan includes both migratory and non-migratory groups. It lives primarily in low- and mid-elevation mountainous regions. Also known as the Oriental Hawk Owl.

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